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Always great to get some feedback for our schools on the success of our Bikeability program. In Southend we offer Bikeability training to all students at schools in the Southend Borough. Level 1 is usually offered in year 4, followed up by Level 2 in year 6. Make sure you get your place, check with your school office if you have not received a consent form and check that your school has accepted the offer of Bikeability from us. In the meantime, practice, practice, practice! All free Bikeability is dependant on DFT funding, but all training is available at cost to all schools. For those that may miss out we run courses in the School Holidays too. Check out our event and activities page for the next dates. Bikeability isn’t just for kids, we can teach your Mums and Dads too! Cycle Training or buddying up with one of qualified Instructors is also available, just contact us!

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