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Cycle Southend was born in 2008 after winning a £3.2 million grant from the Government, match funded by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to make it a grand total of £6.4 million. This was awarded based on a successful bid to form “Cycle Southend” and Southend became one of just 18 specially chosen towns. In 2011 we were then able to secure further funding to continue our vision. This comes within the new exciting Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Cycle Southend's vision is for the bike to become part of everyone's daily routine, with more and more people choosing to cycle both recreationally and as a preferable mode of travel, with more parents allowing their children to cycle to and from school and transforming Southend into a place where pedestrians, vehicles and bikes can happily co-exist in a 'shared-space'.

The first 3 years of Cycle Southend saw Cycling increase by 17%.

In Southend and we are going from strength to strength with the success win of further funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.-Cycle Southend are still working towards our vision for more cycling in Southend. The fantastic cycling promotions team are always at hand to help you with all things bike, along with new supporting clubs to get everyone back in the saddle, helping people get out and about on their bikes in a fun and exciting way!

- An extended 'Adult Cycle Training Programme' – to help you become the best you can be on the roads.

- Continued and strengthened delivery of Bikeability

- Plus some great new Infrastructure such as Prittle Brook, The Seafront Cycle Paths and a plethora of advance-stop marking and green cycle lanes

If you would like a helping hand contact us here.