Cycle Parking

Southend offers a broad range of cycle parking including the secure cycle parking found at Chalkwell Train Station, the two tier cycle parking found at Stations such as Leigh on Sea and Southend East and the ‘Sheffield’ stands identified on the Southend Cycle Map located in various locations across Southend Borough.

To ensure your bicycle is secure, you must consider two key points.  The first is selecting a good strong lock.  The age-old rule of thumb is to invest around 10% of the cost of the bicycle when buying a lock.  Although fairly simplistic, this guidance does illuminate the need for most people to spend £40 to £80 (based on the average price of new bikes sold) on a lock, which is generally more than most people anticipate.  

The Master locksmiths Association provide advice via their not-for-profit organisation Sold-Secure, which is a national leader in testing cycle locks, providing guidance in the form of a recognised rating.  The ratings come in the form of either Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how long a lock takes them to break open.  The vast majority of locks that receive a graded rating are ‘U locks’ as these are substantially more secure than cable locks.  To highlight this point, the British Transport Police reported that in 2014 only 5% of cycle thefts at train stations were made to bicycles using U locks as opposed to 73% using chain or cable lock; indicating that a secure lock acts as a significant deterrent to theft.  It is also worth noting that many home insurance companies require the use of a Sold Secure Gold rated lock, if your bicycle is added to your home policy.

The next point to consider is how to secure your bicycle.  A single U lock in most circumstances is insufficient, with the ideal solution being either a U lock with extender cable or a pair of U locks used together.  

For further information regarding Chalkwell Train Station secure cycle parking, please contact us.