Electric Bikes

Cycling in the UK is becoming more and more popular. People are turning to bikes for different reasons whether it’s to get fit, to save money on petrol or to save time being stuck in traffic. However there are a lot of people who are not physically able to ride a normal cycle from lack of fitness or old age, but they can with an Electric Bike!

Electric Bikes are great, they come in all forms and sizes and are all unique. Some bikes are fully electric and do all the work for you with the push of a button, some are pedal assisted and some have the option of doing both. See below a list of advantages for using an Electric Bike

·      Reduce your carbon footprint

·      Reduce your transport costs

·      Improve your fitness levels

·      You will cycle more with an electric bike

·      A motorised form of transport without additional fees and paperwork

·      Quicker and more relaxing travel

·      Continue cycling at an older age

Southend-On-Sea Borough Council provides Electric Bikes to staff for work purposes. It carry’s great benefits for the organisation and the individual. It saves money on paying staff for mileage and it helps staff to complete their job on time and is very time effective. For staff doing visits in the town itself it’s much quicker to travel by bike than car. Unfortunately this scheme is not available for members of the public. Maybe you could encourage your company to run a similar scheme?