Learn to ride tips!

Learn To Ride at Any Age!

*             Choose an area with plenty of open space, preferably on a hard surface.  A slight downhill slope is useful.

*             Before mounting the bike check both brakes work and you know how to use them, it is important that you get used to applying them right from the beginning.

*             If possible remove the pedals or use a ‘Balance’ Bike, stabilisers should be removed. This avoids bruising on legs which can make a trainee distressed.

*             Walk the bike around to get used to how the steering works and practise applying the brakes. 

*             Lower the saddle so both feet are flat on the ground whilst learning. The saddle can be raised again at a later stage.

*             Try not to have someone holding the learner on the bike.

The learner needs to learn how to control their bike on their own and gain the feeling of balance; this also gives a feeling of empowerment.

*             Ensure the learner is looking ahead, this helps with balance and avoiding obstacles

*             Keep bottom on saddle. This is necessary for safety and also for balance while learning

*             Both feet on the ground ‘running’ the bike along. (If possible the next steps should be practised on a slight downwards incline to give the trainee momentum)

*             Go as fast as possible. The faster you go the easier it is to balance

*             2 feet together ‘push and glide’

*             1 foot on bottom pedal and ‘scoot’. (This can be compared to using a scooter and uses the same principle, either foot is fine)

*             Other foot to touch pedal

Once you have gained some good momentum, speed and have achieved reasonable balance then they try to touch the other pedal while moving.  The saddle may need to be raised at this point

*             PUSH!

*             Push forwards and down

*             Once the learner has mastered the ‘scoot’ start and can ride unaided for a short distance then they need to learn to ‘set the pedal’. This is where the learner uses one foot to move the pedals around to bring one pedal to the ‘2 o’clock’ position, this will give a smoother, more efficient start                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

*             Just keep going!

For more help come along to one of our one to one 'Learn to ride' sessions. These are run in some School Holidays. Check out the events and activities tab for the next available dates. Get in quick though-these book up super quick!