Village Green

For the annual music festival at Village Green we put on something different to join in the festivities. 2014 saw us utilise an all inclusive obstacle course, people could choose to ride on the grass or sections of our North Shore track, then pump a tire, run through some tires, hupla the hoola hoop, and under the scramble net. We were open on the exclusive fun day for schools on the Friday before as well as the main event. 

The Comfy Saddle were all in attendance on the Saturday and the opportunity to dress up with our bikes in the photo booth, made jolly good fun for all!

For 2015, we again had an all inclusive cycle and running obstacle course, this time including spacehoppers, large feet and a parachute! We were also able to include Balanceability taster sessions for the littleuns that cannot yet ride a normal bicycle. Comfy saddle also attended giving advice on all things bike. It was a very busy day and lots of people had the chance to have a go in the saddle. 

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